Monday, December 6, 2010

Kyuhyun became a DJ for a day, his live performance touches peoples' hearts

On the 27 October, SBS broadcast of 《Kim Hee Chul's Young Street》 program official homepage released Super junior Kyuhyun's photos.

As it turns out, on last 22 November, Super junior member Kyuhyun replaced Heechul to become a DJ, making it hard for the staff to conceal their joy. On that day Kyuhyun alone sang Super junior KRY's 《Coagulation》, gaining every staff's applause. After seeing the photos, neitzens praised "The live performance made people touched! After all it's the voice that touches everyone~" "Become a fixed DJ, (your) voice is also beautiful, songs are also sung well, and (you) are also handsome looking!" "Thanks to DJ Kyuhyun, I had a lovely night~" "(Kyuhyun's) Hosting isn't bad~" and more

Super junior Kyuhyun has excellent vocals, thus he is participating in S.M. THE BALLAD debut album 《Really Miss You》 which will release on 29 November, with TRAX member Jay, SHINee's Jonghyun and SM newbie Jino as the 3 most outstanding singers with excellent vocals, they performed on SBS 《Inkigayo》 on 28 November. S.M. THE BALLAD debut album's title song 《Really Miss You》 talks about yearning for the lover who left, but cannot catch her interest, despite the sorrow it is a beautiful ballad full of a dream-like atmosphere, the four members of the excellent vocals add lots of colours the song.

source: koreastardaily
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