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Rain at SuJu’s Guangzhou concert forces members to slip & Kyuhyun to perform barefoot

With Super Junior in China for part of their Super Show 3 Tour on December 25, ELFs in Guangzhou have been animated with the prospect of celebrating the Christmas holidays with their favorite idols. Unfortunately, SuJu members and ELFs had their spirits dampened when oncoming showers made the performance stage extremely wet and slippery, forcing the performers to endure low temperatures and rainy weather throughout the show.
One report states that the SuJu members appeared to be shivering from the low temperatures due to their light attire; Sungmin, who was dressed in a top with short sleeves, nearly stopped playing guitar because his fingers were practically frozen stiff.

Furthermore, due to the wet stage, leader Leeteuk and members Siwon and Kyuhyun ended up slipping one after another; Kyuhyun reportedly ended up taking off his shoes and simply enduring the cold by performing barefoot.

Instead of letting the unfortunate circumstances rain on their parade (literally), ELFs still remained supportive, enthusiastically cheering on the performers and waving their pearl sapphire blue glowsticks encouragingly. In return, the members of Super Junior determinedly put forth their best efforts for a strong show decked with holiday festivities by appearing on stage in Christmas-themed attire to sing “Jingle Bells.” The members also wished Sungmin, who will turn 25 (25 in Korean age) on New Year’s Day, an early happy birthday.

It’s nice to see that, despite the horrid weather conditions, Super Junior ended up pulling through and delivering a memorable show complete with Christmas spirit. Hopefully Mother Nature will be more forgiving in the future!

credits: Allkpop.com
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2010 GDA is unfair?

GDA is unfair??

most of the korea artist hope to get award at Golden Disk  Award
this time all the fans dislike the Result (sorry not everything was translated)

1. GDA Section 
SNSD-Oh! -> 123318+56543=179861
SJ Bonamana -> 225726
so SJ should get the award but the GDA standard is Sales 60%,Votes 20%,Judges 20% most of the judges choose SNSD
so in the sales catergory, SJ win, but SNSD win in the Judges catergory this is why all the fans cant accept this result

2. Popularity Section
in the voting of popularity, No. 1, SHINee gets 36.5%
No. 2, Super Junior gets 31.4%
all the fans know this popularity awards is 100% in votes
but after a fan he/she know this award standard is 60% votes,20% sales,20% judges
in sales, SJ should win SHINee
but GDA say, bcuz SJ ady get the Asia popularity award, so should others get this awards
but GDA: “except Rock awards and Hip-Hop awards, others awards maybe got same winner.”

3.Music Awards
this awards should be DJ Doc, Miss A, 2AM, IU, Lee sung ki 
but most of the fans hope Yesung can get this awards
if yesung didnt get this award, should all the fans will complain
at the voting .Yesung song votes is 44.4% at No.1
and No.2 is Lee sung ki song 43.9 at No.2
Music bank chart, Yesung at No.11, lee sung ki at No.27 
2010 Colouring, Yesung at No,4, Lee sung ki at no.48 
2010 ringtones, Yesung at 15, lee sung ki, -none-
CY-Yesung at No.370, Lee sung ki at No.548
but whyy yesung cant get this awards?
but the song is Yesung’s own solo,not sj song
and dont forget : “except Rock awards and Hip-Hop awards, others awards maybe got same winner.”
In this time GDA, all the fans didnt just complain their idol didnt get the award they also complain that it is unfair and some awards used money to buy it 
1 month voting,1 vote $500
all the fans dont care about the money to vote for their idols
but at last, all the votes became rubbish
how can  they dont even get angry?
the FAIR or NOT FAIR discussion also destroy GDA 
and the big “victims” should be Suju and SNSD
Lastly, hope GDA will give us a resolve

for the photo: credits as tagged and also (@heechulfacts) 
translations by: SANDY LAM
shared by: DanniKyuhyun@little13.net

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those who don’t know…  Super Junior should have won the DaeSang of 2010 – uksujusid Source: HERE – Written by: 곧잉어 

First of all, I like to make sure this is all writen by fan of Super Junior.
The first and the only intention of this is asking appropriate apology and compensation to Golden Disk Awards 2010 according to some doubtful points brougth up about award standard, so hopefully there will not be any misunderstanding or unpleasant dispute following.
“Few suspicions about GDA”
First, about their judging standard for wineers.
GDA select 10 team for Main Award (5 for Disk Award, 5 for Digital Award) based on their sales volume of Disk and Digital source. 60% reflects the sales voume, 20% for internet vote and other 20% by judges’ evaluation. The sales volume of Disk is based on data from domestic distribution company and wholesale/retail markets. The sales volume of Digital source is total number of download / BGM from famouse online digital source websites. A team who has the highest outcome for each Disk and Digital will win the Grand prize.
▶ Part of an article ‘Who will be next winner of 2010 GDA’ by ran@joongang.co.kr
The standard for ” Ceci popular award”  is not specified clearly. But in general, its been known that it is 100% result of popular vote.  No matter what, since it is called ‘The poplular Award’, it is justified that it should reflect only poputer vote 100%.

1, Yesung(Super Junior) – It has to be you (Digital Awards)

This song got the most vote and was ranked no. 1 of the vote for Digital Award. This is the picture of state of vote on 2010/12/08 the day of GDA.
If you look closely and compare the percentage of first two (Yesung, LeeSeungGi) and others who follows next, they are two intense competition while others have relatively low numbers.
However, in GDA 2010, there were five winners for this Award, LeeSeungGi, Miss A, IU, CNBLUE and 2AM. However when you look at their results of vote, its only Lee:43.9%, Miss A: 0.1%, IU: 0.1%, CNBLUE 0.6% and 2AM: 1,7%.
They are saying the vote result if only 20% for selection so lets see the sales volume which must be 60%. This is comparison between Yesung and Lee who were keen competitor and the winner.
This is the chart from Music Bank, there is “Yesung-It has to be you” on no.4 and no LeeSeungki.
This is chart of Mobile ringtones from 2009/11/30 to 2010/11/30. “Yesung-It has to be you” is on no.15. You can see other LeeSeungGi’s song on the chart (no.24) but no “Love taught me to drink” which was the one he got the prize with.
This is the chart of Mobile Ring back tone from 2009/11/30 to 2010/11/21. “Yesung-It has to be you” is on no.4 while LeeSeungGi is on 10ths.
This is chart of evaluation for the first half year 2010. “Yesung-It has to be you” is on no.12 while “LeeSuengGi-Love taught me to drink” is on no.27.
If you see all these data, Yesung who did not get the Digital award was actually more qualified than Lee who won. This is only the comparison of two who were very keen competitor in the popular vote. I apologize to fans of Lee for comparing these two, but it comes to the front that there was no reason for Yesung not to win.
2. Ceci Popular Award.

Like I said earlier, there is nowhere criteria for the Popular award is specified. However, since this is ‘The Popular’ award to judge how popular they are to the people. It should reflect result of popular vote 100%. Last year, It went to SHINee and Super Junior who were #1 and #2 of the popular vote.
You can see they won it through the GDA website. (http://isplus.joinsmsn.com/goldendisk/kr/history/award_2009.html) However, this year, even though the result of vote was same as the last year (#1 SHINee #2 Super Junior), It was SHINee and SNSD who won the Ceci Popular Award.
The gap between #2, SuperJunior and #3 SNSD was also very visible.
You can see the gap between those two is almost 16%.
Super Junior actually got MSN Asia Popular Award earlier of the ceremony. However, If you look at the result of vote for MSN Asia Popular Award, the gap between Super Junior and the other teams were just too huge and obvious to anyone else would win the prize but them.
And also, there is no statement saying “You can not win both Ceci Popular Award and MSN Asia Popular Award” or ” You can not win Ceci Poupular Award if you already won the MSN Asia Popular Award” on their website or press release.
This vote was done without distinction of Male/Female, and also there is no statement saying it will be one Male Group and one Female Group to be winners. Also, for GDA 2009 last year, two winners were SHINee and Super Junior, both male group so there is actualy no explanation for giving the prize to SNSD instead of Super Junior.
For the last but definitely not the least, this popular vote actually CHARGE the money for voting. 300won per ARS phonecall vote (app. 25 cents for US dollars) and 500won (app. 40cents) for Wireless vote.
Since it also relates to actually money problem, it could be developed as a lawsuit in the future.
(Here is the example of legal statement that could be made out of this.)
There is money owed to us and GDA since we payed for certain votes for Popular award. GDA, the debtor, actually has obligation to award the Ceci Popular award. Also, since we became consumer by paying certain price, we have right to know. We were supposed to be noticed before that MSN Asia Popular Award and Ceci Popular Award cannot be awarded together. It is a violation of our right to know since we have never got any notice. Furthermore, even though we have good reason to win it because of GDA’s mistake, it creates bad impression about Super Junior to the public saying they are not worth to win the Popular Prize. And it also creates defamation on both Super Junior and us. (written by 온새미로 ‘13정수헬러’ http://cafe.daum.net/manful24/)
Therefore, it all explains that there was no reason for Super Junior not to get “Ceci Popular Award” , how it actually damaged fans financialy and how it actually makes legal relationship between fans and GDA.
3. Disk Award Grand Prize

Disk Award Grand Prize went to SNSD for GDA 2010. As I mentioned earlier, Golden Disk Disk Award is 60% of sales volume, 20% of popular vote and 20% of judges’ decisions.
First, let’s look at the result of Popular Vote
As you see, Super Junior outspaced SNSD by 11.6%.
Now, let’s compare the sales volume for two of their disk. This is article saying there is major chance that Super Junior will win the GDA Disk Grand Prize for two years in a row.

There are major chance for Super Junior to win GDA Disk Grand Prize for two years in a row.
The Golden Disk Award, which made to be 25th years by now, select their winners according to sales volume of Disk and Digital source. It seems like Super Junior who was the winner of GDA 2009 has the most selling record this year by far too.
According to Hanteo chart, Super Junior 4th Album ‘BONAMANA’ version A has been sold 131,946 disk between 2010/01/01 to 2010/12/08 and ranked as No.1. There is SNSD whose 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ is on No.2 but there aer 8,000 disk difference between ‘Oh!’ and ‘BONAMANA’. This time the repackage album will be also counted for the GDA. According to the chart, repackage of Super Junior 4th has been sold 45,412 disks and repackage of SNSD 2nd has been sold 56,543 disks. Actually Super Junior’s 4th Album was also released as v.2 which has been sold 48,368 disks.
GDA annouced ‘Hoot’ by SNSD relased on October has been sold 91,544 disks but it will not be conunted since it was not on the chart when nominees were selected.
In GDA, there is also popular vote part which is 20%. At this point, Super Junior is voted 34.5% and ranked as no.1 while SNSD is voted 22.9% as no.2. However, it is very clear that gap is more than 10% and make Super Junior outspaced SNSD by 11.6%.
Super Junior won Disk Grand Prize at GDA 2009, last year.
There are many other evidence that is obvious. This is the actual chart from Hanteo data base. You can see clearly that Super Junior sold much more disks than SNSD.

There are many arguments about repackage album and album version B, but there is not clear specification on any page of GDA website or press realease. BONAMANA version A and B has exactelly same songs listed so actually it is very hard to tell that they are two seperate album. And as you read from the article, SNSD’s latest single ‘Hoot; was not counted for the award.
However, we could find this article after the Award ceremony.

*Translation SNSD and 2AM got the honor of winning GDA grand prizes. On December 12th, at the 25th Golden Disk Award held in Korea University, SNSD won the Disk Award Grand prize and 2AM won the Digital Award Grand prize. SNSD won the prize for their songs ‘Oh!’ and ‘Hoot’ and 2AM won it with ‘Even if i die…’, ‘You wouldn’t answer..’ and ‘Like Grazy’. Therefore, SNSD got the double crown from last year, 2AM who was the first nominee for GDA acutally won the Grand Prize.
▶ Part of an article by khj@etoday.co.kr.
First of all, the biggest problem is that GDA never inform exactelly which album is being counted for the prize even though they have been overemphasize their fairness on selecting winners.
It means they actually have very ambiguous standard which could be changed anytime for any intension. If GDA informed this clearly and early, there would be no arguments about this and no cofusion between even reporters to write different articles.
We actually also found this on some website..

*translation It is about the judges’ point for the prize which is 20% out of 100. According to this, it is saying SNSD is selected as winner by judges through 3 levels of evaluation because of being as icon of Korean pop
and efforts to enhance the nation’s status for being great success over japan.
However, Super Junior’s popularity and influence throughout oversea easily exceed SNSD on 2010. Even though there was no actual activity or public appear, they already own huge number of fans in Japan and leads Super Junior – K.R.Y concert in Japan. They has been also ranked as no.1 in not only Korea, Japan and China but also all around Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Also it was very surprising to fans to see they were very popular in Brazil and Arab States with no public appear or promotion at all.
http://www.kgbnews.kr/sub_read.html?uid=17488 ▶ Article showing the popularity in Arab states
As you see Super Junior already dominate the market world wide over Asia. Therefore, It is hard to understand why judges would evaluate the value of Super Junior less then SNSD.
(+Add) We heard this was not actually from the the judge, but we still want to say, it is true that SNSD has been very succesful over the year, but Super Junior was also very successful or even more. So We are saying, it is very hard to understand, the judges decision could be the reason for them not winning the Grand prize even though we all do not know exactelly how judges tought.
4. for the Last, the reaction of other Musicians in the ceremony.

After the break, Super Junior didnt come back to the hall until the Popular Award. Also, right before the Grand Prize award, their manager whispherd something to Leeteuk and other Members. After this secret whispers, it was very hard to tell their face was happy and their face all frozen really fast. Makes us wonder.. what was that whispher all about?
After SNSD went up the stage for the prize, other musicians come to Super Junior, not SNSD, and hugged them. We all know Super Junior has lots of friends but still it is weird that everyone hugged Super Junior while there is actually winner on the stage.
For the last, right before the announcement for the Grand Prize, there was applause and cheer shouting Super Junior from the audience. When members heard it, they didnt seem happy at all.. We all wonder why..
These are all very suspicious and different actions and situation compare to other Award ceremony. However, these reaction things are only assumption so we will not talk about it too much.
For ending, I like to cite the Golden Disk Award website, saying..
‘Digital Award’ is the award to let people know which musician was the most loved through out the whole year to meet the trends of the times where Digital source market is expanding as massive number of people prefers it. We select winners by fair evaluation according to data provided by reading company that has pure public confidence. However, because of those reasons and proofs mentioned above (1,2,3), we question that Golden Disk actually select the winners by FAIR evaluation. So, us, E.L.F (Super Junior Fan Club) demands GDA to reveal the exact standard for each award and prize to the public and reward financial damage especially for Ceci Popular Award votes.
E.L.F 슈랑이☆
This is not just some fans whining
According to the data we collected, GDA almost swindle fans out of their money. We all know it is once in a year ceremony. People will forget about it and one year later, we will be same fan voting for the same thing, so you might wonder what the big deal about it is However, if there will be no action taken by GDA even after we spread this evidences and explanation through we are ready to cope strictly and legally with this matter in regard to right of voters, viewers and all the musicians who attended.

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The Real 2010 Hanteo Top Hottracks Statistic

Hanteo Top 25 Album Sales Charts:Hanteo 1-25
1. Super Junior 4th Album A Version + B Version + Repackaged     185,254
2. So Nyuh Shi Dae 2nd Album + Repackaged    167,017
3. 2AM 1st mini Album + Repackaged    48,264
4. SS501 [Destination] (special+normal)    37,387
5. Rain 1st mini Album    33,878
6. 2PM 3rd Single    29,609
7. B2ST 2nd mini Album    24,404
8. KARA 3rd mini Album    23,358
9. Verandah Project (Kim Dong Ryul/Lee Sang Soon)    21,172
10. T-ara 1st Album + Repackaged    18,688    Total sales since last year = 25,721
11. CN Blue 1st mini Album    18,688
12. Lee Hyori 4th Album    17,441
13. Epik High [Epilogue]    17,293
14. C.N.Blue 2nd mini Album    13,928
15. 2pm 1st Album    13,645 Total sales since last year =    59,785
16. f(x) 1st mini Album    12,635
17. Lee Seung Hwan 10th Album    11,581
18. G Dragon Shine A Light Concert    11,443
19. MBLAQ 2nd Single    11,127
20. U-Kiss 1st Album    10,794
21. TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert (SRN)    10,793
22. 4Men [The 3rd Generation]    10,415
23. Vibe 4th Album    10,128
24. Lucid Fall 4th Album    9,896     Total sales since last year = 21,692
25. Hot Potato Kim C [See Saw]    9,631

Boy Band
1. Super Junior 4th Album + Repackaged    185,254
2. 2AM 1st mini Album +Repackaged    48,264
3. SS501 [Destination] (special + normal)    37,387
4. 2PM 3rd Single    29,609
5. B2ST 2nd mini Album    24,404

Girl Group
1. SNSD 2nd Album + Repackaged    167,017
2. KARA 3rd mini Album    23,358
3. T-ara 1st Album + repack    18,688
4. f(x) 1st mini Album    12,635
5. Wonder Girls 4th Single    8,973

Male Artist (Solo)
1. Rain 1st mini Album 33,878
2. Lee Seung Hwan 10th Album 11,581
3. G Dragon Shine A Light Concert 11,443
4. Lucid Fall 4th Album 9,896
5. Bobby Kim 3rd Album 8,985

Female Artist (Solo)
1. Lee Hyori 4th Album 16,725
2. Kim YoonA 3rd Album 8,701
3. Younha 3rd Album 7,122
4. Ali (Jung In) 1st mini Album 4,980
5. Gummy 1st mini Album 4,294

Rock Band
1. CN Blue 1st mini Album 18,688
Hottracks Top 30 Sales Charts:Hottracks 1-30
1. SNSD 2nd Album : Oh!
2. Super Junior Bonamana A Version
3. SNSD Star Collection Cards Season 1
4. 2AM 1st mini Album
5. SNSD Run Devil Run : 2nd Album Repackaged
6. Super Junior Bonamana B Version
7. B2ST 2nd mini Album
8. 2PM 3rd Single
9. Epik High Epilogue
10. C.N.Blue 2nd mini Album
11. C.N.Blue 1st mini Album
12. KARA 3rd mini Album
13. SS501 Destination (normal ver.)
14. 2pm 1st Album
15. DBSK Star Collection Card
16. Verandah Project (Kim Dong Ryul/Lee Sang Soon)
17. Rain 1st mini Album
18. Supreme Team 1st Album
19. U-Kiss 1st Album
20. 2AM 1st mini Album Repackage
21. 4Men The 3rd Generation
22. Lee Hyori 4th Album
23. Vibe 4th Album
24. f(x) 1st Mini Album
25. SS501 Destination (special edition)
26. Younha 3rd Album
27. Lucid Fall 4th Album
28. Lee Seung Hwan 10th Album
29. SNSD Star Collection Cards Season 2 : 2010 World Cup
30. Hot Potato Kim C

TOTAL SALES from ALL ALBUMS (2010 Jan 1 - June 30)
1. Super Junior 198,641
2. SNSD 184,487
3. 2AM 53,451
4. 2PM 50,216
5. SS501 43,546
source:snow music @ blog daum
Credit:kui4eva @ soompi

And this is the 2010 Album Awards Stat

SJ’s Bonamana A Version Topped the Rank

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“After GOLDEN DISK AWARDS, SJ Private Situation (absolutely true)”

from @iRyeowookELF

转宝蓝阁,by 綺~ 原文是、:【SJ金唱片后的一些私下情况(后续)[绝对真实],我现在发的这些东西,是有绝对的事实,我不会编那么多谎话来骗自家ELF,我认识了一个在SM学习的人,他跟我说的一些东西,我把他整理了一下,发这帖不是要掐架,只是想让更多人知道事实。】
What I’m saying now is the absolute truth. As an ELF myself, I will not weave so many lies to deceive other ELFs. A trainee at SM whom I got to know told me a few things, and I’ve arranged them. My purpose of releasing this is not to spark off fights, but to let everyone know the truth.
Qn: Were the SJ members beaten?
A: Be rest assured, the members were not beaten. However, the SJ members cried. Yesterday, a friend told me that Donghae got really furious. Donghae also got scolded by the manager for getting angry, because of the reason why he got angry. The manager is really unreasonable. They didn’t do anything wrong. Other members like Leeteuk, eunhyuk, donghae and kyuhyun got scolded too.
(Reason was ELFs’ big reaction)
Q: regarding yesung
Yesung is still running a fever.
He was replaced at the last minute.
(His digital daesang award was changed at the last minute)
From what i heard, he was put on a drip at the hospital. Because of his physical condition, he almost fainted and had difficulty getting on the car.
Q: regarding the contracts
A: the members didn’t want to sign the contract (re-contract) at first, but was forced to do so in view of upcoming concerts.
(T/N: It could mean the re-contracting to stay in SM?)
Q: regarding the daesang awards
A: The lights were shone on SJ, and Leeteuk even prepared himself. But when the daesang was announced, everyone was shocked. The immediate switch of focus over to SNSD, etc..was all a last minute change.
Regarding yesterday’s awards, many other artists were also taken aback, and the managers comforted SJ.
But what was most unexpected was that even some artists supported SJ, including f(x) and SHINee.
By the way, as some fans going to the shop that Yesung’s mother said Yesung is okay now, ELFs do not worry much !!
Source: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/67e5dcd7gw6dc7tvoddafj.jpg
Translated by: Manto @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
Edited by: Gina @ iYesungieELF.tumblr.com
Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

instead of keeping crying, we should tell the world that who deserve the awards!

note: I only copied and pasted this one from a dedicated ELF from facebook. Her name is Michelle Fung. You can follow her @michELFung on twitter.. All credits to her.

Hanteo Chart!WHO'S REAL KING?#superjuniorhttp://twitpic.com/3ee2jb

슈주오빠들 엘프의 영원한 대상!!!@ShinsFriends @donghae861015 @GaemGyu @AllRiseSilver @special1004 @Heedictator @siwon407 @ryeong9 @shfly3424
【PS It means:SJ is ELF's Golden Disk forever】


Here's the evidence that shows GDA cheated. Must trend!

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@shfly3424 http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@ryeong9 http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@siwon407 http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@Heedictator http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@AllRiseSilver http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@GaemGyu http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@donghae861015http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@ShinsFriends http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9

The Data of Superjunior and Yesung! Golden Disk gives the wrong award!You are the real king!@special1004 http://twitpic.com/3ed0k9


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[101208]/OFFICIAL] “Super Junior’s Everyone Foresight”, 3P | Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun

Credit: sujushow100 (Official Twitter)
Shared by. A880203 @ SJ-WORLD.NET


Fan Account : Kyuhyun at SM the Ballad Fansigning Event

Fanㅡ1: "You were so amazing today!"
Kyuhyun: "I know~"
Fanㅡ1: "I love you~"
Kyuhyun (staring): "Thank you~"

(This fan wanted to write a card for Kyuhyun, but since she was standing in line and had to keep moving, she couldn't write much)
Fanㅡ2: "This is a letter, but it has no content"
Kyuhyun: "If it has no substance, is it just blah blah"
Fanㅡ2: "Why is oppa wearing glasses today?"
Kyuhyun: "Why? Don't they look nice?"

Fanㅡ3: "Oppa looks so great wearing glasses!"
Kyuhyun: "Would I not look great without?"

Fanㅡ4: "Oppa looks so smart today wearing glasses!"
Kyuhyun: "I look smart? ^^ Like a handsome senior?"

(The fan was agonizing over what to say)
Fanㅡ5: "Oppa I missed you so much"
Kyuhyun: "Ah~ me toooo ^^"
(Then he read the fan's name on a post-it, and called her out loud adding an "ah~" at the end, so Jonghyun laughed at him)

(What a fan told Kyuhyun while getting her album signed)
Fanㅡ6: "I'm really enjoying listening to it"
Kyuhyun: "What is it that you enjoy listening to?"
(Kyuhyun's very funny gag, or lack of sleep)

+ According to a fan on 시크릿, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, and Ryeowook did the OST for President

Original Source. 시크릿/愛규현/etc.
Translated by. @pastakyu / Gaia / SJ-WORLD.NET

KBS Music Bank Recording -KYUHYUN

cr: One In A Million

I NOW SHIP THEM! kekeke~

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