Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 GDA is unfair?

GDA is unfair??

most of the korea artist hope to get award at Golden Disk  Award
this time all the fans dislike the Result (sorry not everything was translated)

1. GDA Section 
SNSD-Oh! -> 123318+56543=179861
SJ Bonamana -> 225726
so SJ should get the award but the GDA standard is Sales 60%,Votes 20%,Judges 20% most of the judges choose SNSD
so in the sales catergory, SJ win, but SNSD win in the Judges catergory this is why all the fans cant accept this result

2. Popularity Section
in the voting of popularity, No. 1, SHINee gets 36.5%
No. 2, Super Junior gets 31.4%
all the fans know this popularity awards is 100% in votes
but after a fan he/she know this award standard is 60% votes,20% sales,20% judges
in sales, SJ should win SHINee
but GDA say, bcuz SJ ady get the Asia popularity award, so should others get this awards
but GDA: “except Rock awards and Hip-Hop awards, others awards maybe got same winner.”

3.Music Awards
this awards should be DJ Doc, Miss A, 2AM, IU, Lee sung ki 
but most of the fans hope Yesung can get this awards
if yesung didnt get this award, should all the fans will complain
at the voting .Yesung song votes is 44.4% at No.1
and No.2 is Lee sung ki song 43.9 at No.2
Music bank chart, Yesung at No.11, lee sung ki at No.27 
2010 Colouring, Yesung at No,4, Lee sung ki at no.48 
2010 ringtones, Yesung at 15, lee sung ki, -none-
CY-Yesung at No.370, Lee sung ki at No.548
but whyy yesung cant get this awards?
but the song is Yesung’s own solo,not sj song
and dont forget : “except Rock awards and Hip-Hop awards, others awards maybe got same winner.”
In this time GDA, all the fans didnt just complain their idol didnt get the award they also complain that it is unfair and some awards used money to buy it 
1 month voting,1 vote $500
all the fans dont care about the money to vote for their idols
but at last, all the votes became rubbish
how can  they dont even get angry?
the FAIR or NOT FAIR discussion also destroy GDA 
and the big “victims” should be Suju and SNSD
Lastly, hope GDA will give us a resolve

for the photo: credits as tagged and also (@heechulfacts) 
translations by: SANDY LAM
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