Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fan Account : Kyuhyun at SM the Ballad Fansigning Event

Fanㅡ1: "You were so amazing today!"
Kyuhyun: "I know~"
Fanㅡ1: "I love you~"
Kyuhyun (staring): "Thank you~"

(This fan wanted to write a card for Kyuhyun, but since she was standing in line and had to keep moving, she couldn't write much)
Fanㅡ2: "This is a letter, but it has no content"
Kyuhyun: "If it has no substance, is it just blah blah"
Fanㅡ2: "Why is oppa wearing glasses today?"
Kyuhyun: "Why? Don't they look nice?"

Fanㅡ3: "Oppa looks so great wearing glasses!"
Kyuhyun: "Would I not look great without?"

Fanㅡ4: "Oppa looks so smart today wearing glasses!"
Kyuhyun: "I look smart? ^^ Like a handsome senior?"

(The fan was agonizing over what to say)
Fanㅡ5: "Oppa I missed you so much"
Kyuhyun: "Ah~ me toooo ^^"
(Then he read the fan's name on a post-it, and called her out loud adding an "ah~" at the end, so Jonghyun laughed at him)

(What a fan told Kyuhyun while getting her album signed)
Fanㅡ6: "I'm really enjoying listening to it"
Kyuhyun: "What is it that you enjoy listening to?"
(Kyuhyun's very funny gag, or lack of sleep)

+ According to a fan on 시크릿, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, and Ryeowook did the OST for President

Original Source. 시크릿/愛규현/etc.
Translated by. @pastakyu / Gaia / SJ-WORLD.NET

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